American Debt Enders

$20 per lead $110

Customer completes qualified lead through $100

Customer fills out valid information and the information is sold to a select lender.


PeopleFinders $5

Customer must complete an online purchase within our shopping cart.


CuraDebt Debt Relief, Free Debt Consultation

$30 - CuraDebt - Lead

User must complete the entire lead form and validate their phone number for all states except: CT, DE, GA, KS, MT, ND, OR, PA, PR, SC, VT, WA, WV and WY.


$40 CuraDebt Tax Debt Consultation Lead

Lead fills in valid contact information, is from a valid state, has $10,00 or more in tax debt and verifies phone number via automated process


Spring EQ

$50 - Spring EQ Credit Pull

The customer has credit pulled for a Home Equity Loan $110 Qualified Conversion

Application is approved as a qualified lead with lenders.