Meet Our Team

Of Bartenders


Chantel has 4 years experience tending bar in various settings. Her strengths include but are not limited to: 

- Well educated with the Utah DABC liquor laws and licensing. 

- Catering private events 

- Bar management and cleanliness 

- Wine fundamentals and food pairing 

- High volume operations 


She would probably label herself as a typical wine-o. Love red wines with a good hearty meal. She love cocktails that are different. Mixed berry with Jalapeno margaritas, botanical cocktails have also become a favorite of hers recently. An edible flower in a dainty gin cocktail with a bubbly topper. Of course, she also feel as though you can never go wrong with a classic Manhattan ( or 5!) the torched orange peel adds so much flavor. Stirred with a cinnamon stick its most definitely a go to of mine. 

Heidi bartender.jpg


Heidi has bartended all over Utah from Club 90, Osacrs to bartending the Utah Jazz Festival, Greek Festival and the State Fair. She also bartended and catered in Maui.


She loves making a good Mojito. She received best Mojito in a bartending contest here in Utah. She also make an awesome Mai Tai and is one of her favorites to make, being it takes her back to Hawaii. 


Merridy enjoys great people, music and mixing beautiful drinks. Some of her favorite drinks to make our:

  • Paloma a refreshing mix of Tequila, Grapefruit flavored soda fresh lime juice on the rocks with a salted rim.

  • Cin-Apple Fireball, apple pucker, and cranberry juice

Merridy is also fluent in Spanish.


Heather has worked at Club 90 and catered for Bacchus Event Services in Utah for over 7 years.

Some of her favorite drinks to make are a gin and tonic, whiskey sour, washington apple, and a tequilla sunrise. She enjoys making these certain drinks, being they are refreshing, delightful, and yet so simple. 


Her favorite part of bartending is meeting new people from all over the world.