Corporate Lunch Service Program

Nothing interrupts a workday like a hungry stomach, and having to go out of your way to get lunch is a drain on productivity and workplace community. Instead, boost your office culture 
Twins Catering Co creates seasonally inspired corporate menus on a 7 to 14 day cycle for breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour catering services. We offer comprehensive catering management to accommodate all of your in-house hospitality needs. Twins Catering Co provides dining solutions for a wide range of food service needs. From corporate boardroom and meeting catering, to in-office special events, pop up concepts and special occasion catering.
Whether you’re an office of 20 or 1000+ employees, Twins Catering Co can satisfy everyone’s tastes by delivering personalized, delicious meals to your office. 

What Makes Us Different 


Employees choose their favorite lunch from a curated menu of delicious options everyday.


Twins Catering promptly delivers the individually packed lunches all at once to each office.


We'll build a program around your budget so that treating your office to lunch is within reach. Show your employees how much they're valued without breaking the bank.

Three Ways To Treat Your Employees To Great Food



  • Food served fresh by our staff
  • Equal portions so everyone gets fed
  • Our staff handles setup and cleanup
  • Reliable and consistent service experience


  • Food dropped off at scheduled time and location
  • Employees serve themselves
  • Options to have Twins Catering Co staff members stay on-site to handle setup, cleanup, and make sure the overall event goes smoothly


  • Each employee views food items online, orders for themselves.
  • Never pay gratuity or delivery fee
  • Pay for all or part of your employees' meal cost