Bartender Hiring
$15-30 Hourly

(No Experience Required)

Twins Catering Company is looking for an experienced and creative bartender with a strong knowledge of spirits, beer, wine, and food. We are looking for an enthusiastic individual to provide an excellent guest drinking experience. The successful candidate will be able to mix and match ingredients in order to create classic and innovative drinks in accordance with customer's’ needs and expectations. Applicants need to be gracious, friendly and be able to multitask in a high volume environment and focus on exceeding guest expectations.

As a Twins Catering Company team member you are expected to be:


This is of utmost importance, as the restaurant industry can be very unpredictable. Be willing to do what is asked of you to benefit the team as a whole, even if it isn’t exactly outlined in this job description or your expected schedule. 

Positive, personable, and open-minded

As we all work closely together, we always want to bring positive energy on the floor.

Hard-working and self-motivated

There may not be supervision or direction available at all times, so we expect you to maintain high standards for yourself without needing to be told. Being professional is doing your job even if no one is watching.

Punctual and responsible

We hold each other accountable to follow through on all commitments with a sense of urgency.


We are known for exceptional customer service in all of our pursuits, and it is your job to uphold these high standards, anticipate the guests needs and to find ways to go above and beyond the client's expectations and create memorable experiences.


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